The Old West 6mm things to do with the wild west

WES01 - Corner Saloon

dims: length 50mm : width 37mm : height 28mm

A single floor, timber clad corner saloon with a veranda on two sides.

£3.25 each

WES02 - Church

dims: length 49mm (incl steps) : width 23mm : height 43mm

Timber clad church with shingle/tile roofing, small bell tower and steps leading to gable end door

£3.00 each

WES03 - Sheriff Office & Jail

dims: length 40mm : width 40mm : height 25mm

Timber clad marshal/sheriff's office with brick effect jail attached to one side.

£2.75 each

WES04 - Livery Stable

dims: length 45mm : width 45mm : height 35mm

Typical timber clad livery stable with large double doors on both gables.

£3.25 each

WES05 - Bank

dims: length 34mm : width 20mm : height 23mm

A simple brick clad two floor building with flat roof.

£2.75 each

WES06 - General Store

dims: length 52mm : width 27mm : height 27mm

A generic timber clad commercial model for use as, for instance, a general or hardware stores, pool room etc.

£3.00 each

WES07 - Trading Post

dims: length 30mm : width 35mm : height 23mm

A single floor timber clad model with sloped timber roof.

£2.75 each

WES08 - Courthouse

dims: length 45mm : width 23mm : height 27mm

A timber clad building with shingle roofing and steps leading to arched front door for use as court or meeting room.

£3.00 each

WES09 - Commercial Premises

dims: length 47mm : width 22mm : height 30mm

A two storey timber clad model with small rear outbuilding.
Designed as an undertaker's but hey, you use it for whatever you want!

£2.75 each

WES10 - Commercial Premises

dims: length 40mm : width 20mm : height 30mm

A single storey timber clad commercial building. Could be put to use as a telegraph or newspaper office.

£2.75 each

WES11 - Hotel

dims: length 57mm : width 36mm : height 40mm

Large two storey timber clad corner building with shingle/tile roofing and veranda on two sides.

£3.50 each

WES12 - Saloon / Cantina

dims: length 44mm : depth 25mm : height 22mm

timber clad, single floor saloon bar with front veranda

£2.75 each

WES13 - Commercial Premises

dims: length 32mm : width 22mm : height 25mm

A small timber clad model with shingle/tile roofing.

£2.75 each

WES14 - Gun Store

dims: length 40mm : width 26mm : height 31mm

Large timber clad, two floor building with timber roofing.
Designed as a gun store but of course can be used as you wish

£2.75 each

WES15 - Railroad Station

dims: length 62mm : width 32mm : height 32mm

A timber clad model with shingle roofing, also has front veranda and two gable end outbuildings.

£3.00 each

WES16 - Water Tower

dims: length 15mm : width 15mm : height 55mm

Timber effect lower structure and platform with timber clad water tank.  Model supplied in two pieces for self assembly.

£2.75 each

WES17 - Mine Workings

Small set comprising a mine entrance, small timber hut and explosives shed.

£3.00 set

WES18 - Outbuildings

Set of 6 small outbuildings and latrines, suitable for use with most of the western models to provide you with more variety of layouts.

£2.75 set