Special Projects ... complete sets or individual components

Blood Bowl Arena

dims: diameter approx 330mm : height 60mm

Made up of up to 20 separate units, this circular arena consists of the following units ...
one main entrance, two grandstands, four units with towers, four units with tunnel on ground floor, two units with tunnel on first level and three small exterior entrance gates.

The combination of units can be modified to suit what you need, plus all units are available separately should you want to make up your own arena, or modify the current shape - please email for details.


Main Gate

Stand with tower

Stand with mid level tunnel


Stand with lower level tunnel

External entrance gate

Vauben Star Fort

The basic star fort consists of five bastions, five wall sections (one with entrance arch) and four sets of double ended steps, giving an overall diameter of approx 450mm.

A set of five ravelins is available and designed spacing between the inner fort and ravelins is 50mm, giving plenty of room for figure/artillery bases and movement.

Damaged bastions, ravelins and walls are also available. Please email for further details and pricing.


5 point inner fort

Ravelin Set

breached bastion

breached ravelin

breached wall

double ended steps