Ruins 6mm ruins and damaged structures

DAM01 - Ruined House

dims: length 40mm (incl rubble) : depth 32mm  (incl rubble) : height 30mm

Representation of heavily damaged brick house with tile effect roof and large rubble pile. About 80% damage to walls, roofing and internals with and heavy rubble both internally and externally.

£2.75 each

DAM02 - Small House Ruins

dims: length 32mm : depth 22mm  : height 17mm

A brick house base with 95% damage to structure and a small amount of internal rubble. Front door has been partially blown off its hinges.

£2.75 each

DAM03 - Stone House Ruins

dims: length 42mm : depth 26mm : height 17mm

Representation of ruins of a stone built house. It is not very clear from the image but the floors are timber boarded and there is a little light rubble around the floor including a little of the first level floor.

£2.75 each

DAM04 - Ruins

dims: length 40mm : depth 33mm : height 16mm

Representation of another ruined structure. This generic ruin could be used to represent a WW1 or WW2 dwelling or a more ancient ruin. The inside is clear except for a couple of small pieces of rubble, and what walls remain are rendered/plain.

£2.75 each