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  6mm Resin Cast Scenics


Everything ...
    American Civil War
    Blood Bowl Arena
    Castle Components
    Damaged / Ruins
    Huts & Cabins
    Middle East
    Normandy / France
    Port & Marine
    The Old West
    World War I

Ordering & Payment
  You can now order through the shopping cart, or if you prefer you can still place your order by email.

SHIPPING is based on orders shipped within the UK

Customers outside the UK can order and pay online as normal, and the extra shipping cost will be invoiced separately.


Privacy Policy
We care about data protection and your privacy, and for this reason we collect only the data necessary to fulfil our obligation to despatch orders to the correct address in a timely manner.
What information do we retain?
The information we retain includes your full name and shipping address, your email address for communication and occasionally a contact telephone number for our carriers use.
Where the data comes from and what it is used for ...
When you place an order through our website and complete your purchase through PayPal, we receive a notification from PayPal containing your name, address and email details along with an itemised list of the products you have ordered and the value. We record this information in our Contact list and use the information to produce a sales order and packing note. In essence, by placing an order with us and providing your shipping information though PayPal, you are granting us permission to use this data to complete the transaction.

The shipping details entered on the order form remain with the order for future reference in case of a problem, but we do not keep any other record of your purchase/s.

We do not use any marketing software and we do not use lists to send out marketing emails therefore you will not be contacted by us in relation to anything other than in connection with a current, past or potential order.
Where is the data kept?
Our accounts system, contact list and its backups are stored offline on external hard drives. and we do not use any form of Cloud based services for data storage.
To the best of our knowledge our website does not intentionally use cookies to track your movements during your visit. We do have a Google Analytics account but this has not been used for some time as the information it offered was of no use to us.
Data Sharing
We do not use sharing protocols on our pc's, nor do we share information with third parties. An exception to this would be where we liaise between a customer and for example, a commission painter. In these cases, we would contact the painter to see if he is available and willing to take on the necessary work, and will then pass on the customers email address to the painter for him to contact the customer direct.
We pride ourselves in providing a friendly atmosphere for our customers but we do not email customers without a good reason. It is for this reason, we utilise Social Media outlets such as our Facebook page and Facebook Group in order to provide up to date product information, showcasing forthcoming releases and generally 'chatting' with our customers.

We do not 'cold call' our customers by telephone or text message, only in reply to a communication received.


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