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6mm Napoleonic
NAP01 - La Haye Sainte
  Complete model of La Haye Sainte - will fit on a 125mm x 125mm base.

Slightly distresse
d rendered walls and tile roofing. Consists of three buildings - farmhouse, barn and stables, the gateway and a wall set which incorporates the piggery.
cast to order

15.00 each

NAP02 - Mont St Jean Farm
approx overall dims - length 174mm : depth 125mm
  A rendered stone effect representation of Mont St Jean farm, Belgium, consisting of the following pieces:

Front with entrance gate & tower - 105x20x38
Barn - 88x35x33
Farmers House - 48x22x28
Main Court - 82x20x23
Outbuilding - 37x20x22
Small Left Gate - 10x8x15
Well - 10x10x18 - plain cladding with 'grassed' roof.
Small barn porch - (use is optional)

There is some confusion as to the original location of the Farmers House and the Main Court so siting them is down to the users choice.
cast to order

20.00 set

NAP03 - Papelotte Farm
approx overall dims - length 155mm : depth 120mm
  This brick clad representation of Papelotte farm  consists of 5 main pieces, plus two roofing options for the front, and fits on a 155 x 120 tile.

Front - 86x22x27
Farmhouse - 50x32x36
Barn - 105x40x33
Rear Stable Block - 96x36x26
Right Outbuilding - 57x22x26
Ridged roof option
Belvedere Roof option
cast to order

21.00 set

NAP04 - Hougoumont
overall length 295mm : overall width 210mm

  This Hougoumont set comprises 10 buildings and the main wall set. It does not include walls for the orchard, though I do have some that would do the job - please enquire about these when ordering.

36.00 set

NAP04a - Hougoumont Orchard Wall Set
length mm : depth mm : height mm
  A set of eight wall blanks suitable for Hougoumont orchard/formal garden

4.00 set

NAP05 - Borodino Church
length 95mm : depth 28mm : height 65mm
  This model is a simplified representation of Borodino church, and features plain rendered walls and sheet panel roofing.

5.50 each

NAP06 - Fortified Manor House
length 55mm : depth 32mm (incl tower) : height 44mm
  Large Manor House - stone walling with tile effect roofing and stone chimneys. Windows are blank for user to finish as desired.

Based loosely on La Haule Manor House, France.

3.75 each

NAP09 - Plancenoit Church
length 70mm : depth 25mm : height 56mm
  This version of Plancenoit Church features stone cladding and tile/slate roofing.

3.75 each

NAP10 - Frichermont Chateau
length 73mm : depth 78mm : height 58mm
  A fictional representation of Frichermont Chateau.
The outer face has been reproduced from an existing line print of the building, but as there is little information available regarding the interior, a certain amount of artistic licence has been used to portray the interior faces using existing buildings of the period.
The model will be supplied in three pieces for shipping purposes.

7.25 each

NAP11 - La Belle Alliance
length 72mm : width 30mm : height 35mm
  A small footprint version of La Belle Alliance - has brick cladding with tiled roofing and shuttered windows.

4.50 each

NAP12 - La Haie Farm
  A fictional representation of La Haie Farm - brick walls and tile roofing. Set comprises four buildings and wall set including gate.

15.00 each



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