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6mm Churches
CHU01 - English Church
length 56mm : depth 25mm : height 38mm

6mm Norman Church


Typically English Norman church with stone effect walls and tile/slate effect roofing. Entrance porch on tower and plain arched windows all round.

£3.00 each

CHU02 - Russian Village Church
length 37mm : depth 25mm : height 25mm (height with spire 37mm)
  Loosely based on a Russian village church on the island of Kizhi. Rough timber cladding and timber plank roofing. Spire is supplied loose for self assembly.

£2.75 each

CHU03 - Medieval Church
length 45mm : depth 22mm : height 31mm
  'Stucco' effect medieval style church with pantile roofing. The bell tower features double entrance doors on front and plain flat roofing.

£3.00 each

CHU05 - Bavarian Church
length 47mm : depth 23mm : height 37mm
  Stone effect walls with pantile style roofing. Plain arched windows and small entrance on gable end. Windows are plain to allow user to paint up their own mullion details.

£3.00 each

CHU06 - Church with bell tower
length 40mm : depth 23mm : height 45mm
  Stone effect village church with pantile roofing and round bell tower. Entrance on gable end below tower.

£3.00 each

CHU07 - Large Russian Byzantine Church
length 70mm : depth 45mm : height 53mm
  Loosely based on a Carpatho-Russian Byzantine style Church in Mukacevo. A large stone effect building with pantile effect roofing.

£4.50 each

CHU08 - Church of St Mary (Sainte-Mère-Église)
length 95mm : depth 52mm : height 56mm
  Due to scaling limitations, this is a simplified version of the famous church of St Mary in Sainte-Mère-Église.

Model features stone cladding with tile roofing. The windows have been left plain for the user to finish as required.

Famous as the church where (505th Parachute Infantry Regiment) John Steele's parachute snagged on a pinnacle during the Normandy invasion, June 6th 1944.

£5.00 each

CHU09 - Mediterranean Style Church
length 80mm : depth 45mm : height 58mm
  Suitable for most Mediterranean settings, this Spanish style church is loosely based on an 17th Century building, partly destroyed during WW2 and rebuilt after the war.

Model has plain render effect walls with pantile roofing.

£4.50 each

CHU10 - Mediterranean Monastery
length 68mm : depth 55mm : height 40mm (68mm incl tower)
  A plain stucco effect clad monastery with pantile roofing. Doors and windows are plain for user to finish. Bell tower supplied loose.

£4.50 each

CHU11 - Norman Chapel
length 28mm : depth 23mm : height 33mm
  Small stone clad Norman style village chapel with tile roofing and timber bell housing.

£3.00 each

CHU12 - St Lawrence Church
length 85mm : depth 50mm : height 66mm
  Small stone clad church based on St. Lawrence Church, Alton, Hants. Small stone cladding with lead/sheet and tile roofing. Supplied in two pieces.
£4.50 each

NAP05 - Borodino Church
length 95mm : depth 28mm : height 65mm
  The model is a simplified representation of Borodino church, and features plain rendered walls and sheet panel roofing.

£5.50 each

ACW04 - Timber Clad Church
length 67mm : depth 30mm at widest point : height 58mm
  Horizontal timber clad church with tile effect roofing to main roof and spire. Tower windows have a slat effect and all other windows are blank for user to finish.

£3.75 each

NAP09 - Plancenoit Church
length 70mm : depth 25mm : height 56mm
  This version of Plancenoit Church features stone walls and tile/slate roofing.

£3.75 each



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