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6mm Airport Structures
A small range of structures specifically made for modern airport scenarios

AIR01 - Control Tower
length 51mm : depth 32mm : height 50mm
  Modern airport control tower with offices/admin. Plain cladding. Control room is supplied loose.

3.50 each

AIR02 - Control Tower
length 17mm : depth 17mm : height 60mm
  Stand alone control tower. Plain wall cladding with separate control room. Comes in two pieces.
3.00 each

AIR03 Cargo Terminal
length 91mm : depth 72mm : height 29mm
  A large five-bay cargo terminal - vertical curtain walling and flat roof with rooflights. Five loading doors with full length canopy.

4.50 each

AIR04 Multi-storey Car Park
length 75mm : depth 63mm : height 30mm
  A three floor multi-storey car park unit. A 'skeleton' structure with ramp to rooftop parking bays.

4.50 each

AIR05 Passenger Terminal
length 154mm : depth 70mm : height 50mm
  A large, plain clad curved passenger terminal in 30's-60's style, with flat roofing.

Has been 'modernised' with upgraded windows and HVAC units on roof.

7.00 each

AIR06a Commuter Terminal module
length 108mm : depth 65mm : height 34mm
  A modern style terminal block. It's modular design allows multiple units to be placed end to end to the desired length. Curtain wall cladding with 'wing profile' sloping roof. 

6.00 each

AIR06b -  Commuter Terminal Entrance module
length 108mm : depth 30mm : height 34mm
  A narrow entrance module to fit the rear of the terminal module as shown in the lower image.  Detailed on three faces only.

4.50 each

AIR06c Concourse module
length 86mm : depth 33mm : height 26mm
  A concourse module designed to fit either at the end or the rear of terminal modules allowing you to expand to your hearts content - as shown in the lower image.

4.50 each

AIR06d Walkway module
length 42mm : width 15mm : height 25mm
  A small walkway module, fits the terminal and concourse modules as shown in the above image.

2.00 each

AIR07 Control Tower
width 39mm : depth 35mm : height 110mm (approx)
  Modern, tall control tower - supplied in three pieces for self assembly.

5.00 each

AIR08 Modular Admin Block
length mm : depth mm : height mm
  A modular administration block, glass and curtain walling with flat roof, stackable to whatever height you require. Supplied with a separate entrance porch.

4.00 each



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