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6mm Board Accessories

ACC01 - Set of 10 canvas tents
See listing for sizes
  Set of 10 canvas style ridge tents.

5 at 20mm long x 16mm wide x 10mm high
5 at 24mm long x 17mm wide x 15mm high

3.25 set

ACC02 - Dry Stone Wall
see details
  This set comprises enough dry stone walling to make a 110mm x 110mm enclosure.

Contents include 2 straight walls at 60mm long, 1 straight wall with breach & rubble at 60mm long, 1 straight wall with gate at 60mm long and 4 corner pieces at 25mm x 25mm. Roughly 5mm height

3.00 set

ACC03 - 6mm Garden Wall
see details
  This set consists of four plain brick wall blanks at
60mm long x 6mm high, and five 5mm square x 10mm high brick pillars, making a set roughly 70mm square.

The walls can be filed or cut quite easily with a razor saw to make a gate opening but as usual, it is recommended to wear a facemask while working with resin pieces.

3.00 set

ACC04 - Hedged Fencing
see details
  A set of hedged fencing, comprising 4 corners and 4 straight sections - makes a square of around 110mm. 
3.00 set

ACC05 - Rendered Desert Wall set
length 98mm : height 16mm
A rendered stone wall set suitable for desert/North African settings - approx 16mm high. Set comprises three plain wall blanks, one wall blank with entrance and four corner pieces.

5.00 set    
set with square gate
set with arched gate

ACC06 - Stone & Brick Wall Blanks
length 100mm : height 13mm
A set of four stone & brick wall blanks. Approx 13mm high - 16mm high versions are available on request.
3.50 set

ACC07 - Garden Accessory Set
  A set of small buildings suitable for populating most gardens - consists of a modern flat roofed brick garage, a timber garage with hinged doors, three types of small garden shed and a small greenhouse.

3.00 set

ACC08 - Shell Holes / Craters
see details
  A set of 12 small craters and shell holes. Suitable for 6mm and 10mm gaming. The smallest piece is roughly 20mm diameter, the largest around 40mm (shown with a 6mm PzIV for scale)
3.00 set



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