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bringing 6mm wargaming to life with exceptionally detailed white metal miniatures at very affordable prices. Hand sculpted and designed by Richard Novis
Please note that although we do stock some of these products at shows, you are encouraged to obtain these direct from the Perfect Six website and as such, all links on this page will re-direct you to the relevant Perfect Six webpage 
TWCS2 - 6mm Two Wheeled Carts
  Pack of three, 6mm two wheeled horse drawn carts suitable for most periods.

2.75 pack  

BRL1 - 6mm Wooden Barrels
  Pack of 16 mixed 6mm wooden barrels suitable for Ancients, Black Powder, ACW, WW1/2 or Fantasy etc.

2.50 pack  

CRTS1 - 6mm Wooden Crates
  Pack of 20nr wooden crates - a good mix of 8 sizes selected at random with at least 3 of each of the two larger crates. Suitable for all periods.

2.50 pack  

SKS1 - 6mm Sacks
  Random mix of 16 sacks, suitable for all periods.

2.50 pack  

WLL1 - 6mm Well with Lid
  Pack of 2nr wells with 2nr seperate wooden lids

3.00 pack  

WLL2 - 6mm Well with Roof
  Pack of 2nr stone well with a tiled roof complete with handle and rope

3.50 pack  

HS1 - 6mm Hay Piles/Stacks
  Traditional hay stack piles, for farms and rural landscapes, suitable for ancients through to WW2 and fantasy - 3nr large piles 7mm x 19mm, 3nr medium piles 6mm x 16mm, 3nr small piles 4mm x 15mm, 9 stacks in total

2.25 pack  

GRV1 - 6mm Gravestone Set
  Graveyard set suitable for ancients through to Modern Times and Fantasy.
2nr gravestone sprue's each containing 4nr headstones, 1nr cross headstone, 1nr obelisk headstone, 1nr angel statue headstone, 3nr coffers.

3.00 pack  

TP1 - 6mm Small Telephone Poles
Pack of 8nr telephone poles, 4 of each type. Height 25.5mm

3.00 pack  

TP2 - 6mm Large Telephone Poles
Pack of 8nr telephone poles, height 29mm

3.50 pack  

ND1 - 6mm 'Nodding Donkey' Jack Pump
  Nodding Donkey Oil Pump.

Display image shows display of two pumps with OD1 Oil Drums.

1.75 each  

BRC20 - 20mm Barricades
  Pack of 4nr 20mm long x 8mm wide x 7mm high generic barricades suitable for medieval, Black Powder, WW1/2, Fantasy etc.,

2.50 pack  

BRC30 - 30mm Barricades
  Pack of 4nr 30mm long x 8mm wide x 8mm high generic barricades suitable for medieval, Black Powder, WW1/2, Fantasy etc.,

3.50 pack  

CNB1 - 6mm Cannonball Stacks
  Stacks of cannon balls to add to artillery bases each pack contains 20nr stacks. Also suitable for 10mm gaming.

1.25 pack  

OD1 - 6mm Oil Drums
  Pack of 20nr oil drums in two sizes. Suitable for WW2 onwards.

2.50 pack  

JC1 - 6mm Jerry Cans
  Pack of 20nr jerry cans. Suitable for WW2 onwards. Also suitable for 10mm gaming.

1.50 pack  

AMC1 - 6mm Ammo Crates
  Pack of 20 ammo crates of 5 sizes - suitable for WW2 onwards.

2.50 pack  

GB1 - 6mm Gabions
  Random packs of 20nr gabions suitable for Black Powder.

2.50 pack  

LB1 - 6mm Log Barricades
  Log barricades made to work in conjunction with the gabions or as a stand alone barricade. Pack of 9, 3 of each size.

2.75 pack  

FEW1 - 6mm Fortified Earthworks
  Earthwork barricades or trench system - 3 types of 30mm fortified earth works, comes with with 2 of each type giving you 6 in total or a 180mm length. Suitable for WW2 and beyond.

4.50 pack  


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