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6mm Industrial and Commercial
IND01 - Storage Silo's
diameter 15mm : height 25mm
2 x plain storage silo's with side ladder. 

Can be used
in military, farming, chemical or industrial settings.

2.75 pair

IND02 - Oil Storage Tanks
diameter 25mm : height 18mm
2 x sheet metal effect tanks with small valve housing at side and two vertical pipes.

Can be used in town, military, farming, chemical or industrial settings.

2.75 pair

IND04 - Triple Garage Units
length 50mm : depth 27mm : height 20mm
Brick effect walls with corrugated effect roofing. doors are roller shutter style.

3.00 each

IND05 - Twin Garage / Workshops
length 60mm : depth 25mm : height 17mm
Double workshop unit with brick effect walls and corrugated effect roofing. One unit has sliding doors in open position, other has doors closed.

3.00 each

IND06 - Malting House
length 52mm : depth 22mm : height 45mm
Brick cladding with tile roofing. Double timber doors on front elevation. Arched windows all round and three dormer windows on front roof. Archway is reflected on rear elevation.

3.25 each

IND07 - Large Brewery
length 90mm : depth 38mm : height 44mm
6mm Large Brewery
6mm Large Brewery block 2
A large unit with stone effect walls, pantile roof and a tile & timber ventilation stack.
Includes name board over the front windows.

Is supplied in two parts.




4.00 each


IND09 - Small Brewery
length 48mm : depth 27mm : height 42mm
Pebbledash effect cladding with large slate roofing and brick chimney. The front features a large ar
ched doorway with doors open, rear features first floor loading doors in open position.

3.00 each

IND10 - Warehouse
length 48mm : depth 35mm : height 42mm

Plain walls with slate roofing and timber effect roof vent.

A three storey structure with arched double doors to front elevation and steps leading to first floor door on rear.

One gable features loading doors on two levels, one open,
one closed 

3.00 each

IND12 - Eastfield Mill
length 78mm : depth 36mm : height 37mm

Large brick unit with low profile pantile roofing
. Two double doors on each outer unit front and single door to centre unit.

4.25 each

IND14 - Pumping Station
length 55mm : depth 52mm : height 28mm (plus chimney)
Brick structure with pantile roofing, large double doors to pump house and two pairs arched double timber doors to engine shed. Brick effect chimney i
s supplied loose.

3.00 each

IND15 - Joinery Shop
length 68mm : depth 40mm : height 22mm

Simple single storey brick structure with sheet metal effect roofing. Small brick boiler house at rear with corrugated roof and round chimney.

3.75 each

IND16 - Foundry
length 75mm : depth 43mm : height 25mm
Single storey brick effect building with corrugated roofing and skylights, loading ramp with canopy over. Double sliding bay doors in open position.

4.25 each

IND17 - Large Garage
length 60mm : depth 28mm : height 28mm

Brick garage with sheet metal roofing and skylights and large garage doors on front.

Large signboard over garage doors and smaller signboard over entrance door.

3.25 each

IND18 - Timber Workshop
length 35mm : depth 23mm plus canopy: height 31mm
'Rough' timber clad workshop unit with corrugated effect roofing. Double doors on one gable and corrugated canopy along one side.

3.00 each

IND19 - Engineering Works
length 38mm : depth 40mm : height 30mm
Brick structure with tile effect roofing. Large double doors on one side, other side features small boiler house with brick chimney.
3.25 each

IND21 - Shoe Factory
length 82mm : depth 48mm : height 34mm
A brick effect factory unit with sheet metal effect roofing panels and predominantly arched windows including basic mullion detail. Has large 'signboard' across front.

4.25 each


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