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6mm Small Huts & Cabins
HUT02 - Ukrainian Hovel
length 30mm : depth 20mm : height 15mm
Small Ukrainian hovel. Timber planking effect walls with rough timber roofing and small round chimney.

2.50 each

HUT03 - Russian Isba
length 33mm : depth 25mm : height 20mm
Common Russian Isba with 'log' effect cladding, thatch roof and brick effect chimney. Windows feature shutters in open position.

2.50 each

HUT04 - Ukrainian Timber Hut
length 33mm : depth 26mm : height 25mm
Timber and 'stucco' panels with timber plank roofing and stone effect chimney.

(Basically another Russian Isba)
(suitable for ACW)
2.50 each

HUT05 - Log Cabin
length 35mm : depth 28mm : height 22mm
Generic log cabin with log effect walls and roofing. External stone effect chimney on one gable. (suitable for ACW)

2.50 each


HUT06 - Thatched Timber Hut
length 28mm : depth 25mm : height 22mm
Small timber hut with thatched effect roofing and small stone effect chimney.

2.50 each

HUT07 - Timber Hovel
length 30mm : depth 24mm : height 18mm
Small 'L' shaped hovel with 'log' effect walling, thatch roofing and external stone effect chimney. Small lean-to at rear.

2.50 each

HUT08 - Timber Shack
length 27mm : depth 23mm : height 18mm
Horizontal timber clad shack with rough tile roofing and stone chimney. Door is slightly inset. (suitable for ACW)

2.50 each

HUT09 - Russian Timber House
length 30mm : depth 25mm : height 28mm
Russian barn style timber house with horizontal planking and tile roofing.

3.00 each

HUT10 - Thatched stone cabin
length 31mm : width 21mm : height 20mm
A small stone effect mountain cabin with thatch effect roofing.

2.50 each 

HUT11 - Marsh Arab Huts
see details
Set of four small reed style Marsh Arab Huts

1 x large hut at 33mm x 18mm x 16mm
1 x large hut at 33mm x 20mm x 16mm
2 x small huts at 21mm x 16mm x 12mm

3.00 set

HUT12 - Zulu Huts
diameter 25mm : height 15mm
Set of six
Zulu Huts - three each of two types of straw huts.

3.00 set

HUT13 - Set Sumerian Huts
Set five small timber, straw & mud huts done in Sumerian style.

3.00 set


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