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6mm Resin Cast Scenics

  Selection of general structures from lighthouses to windmills
  Selection of generic housing
  Commercial and Industrial units from 40's to modern
  Churches from around the world
  a collection of typical farm buildings
  Mainly WWII structures with a few generic and Army thrown in
  Make up your own rail-yard with this selection of railway buildings & tracks
Everything ...
    American Civil War
    Castle Components
    Damaged / Ruins
    Huts & Cabins
    Middle East
    Normandy / France
    The Old West
    World War I
    Perfect Six Range
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6mm General Buildings & Structures
GEN03 - Fire Station
length 55mm : depth 32mm : height 37mm
Brick effect structure with flat roof. Features three large vehicle access doors on front with one large vehicle access door on rear elevation
Also has doo
r to roof behind front facade.

3.50 each

GEN04 - Cinema
length 72mm : depth 48mm : height 45mm
Classic 'Odeon' style art-deco frontage with brick cladding, tile effect roofing and single doors on either side of rear block.

3.75 each

GEN05 - Gasometer
diameter 33mm : height 25mm
'Classic' British style 3-tier 'gas-o-meter' with metal sheet effect cladding and main vertical spans.

2.75 each

GEN07 - Canal Lock
length 79mm : width 40mm : height 18mm
A re-work of my original canal lock. The model is of stone clad chamber walls with two sets of gates, both in closed position. Depth of chamber is 14mm and distance between gates is 58mm.

3.25 each

GEN08 - 60's style Garage with Petrol Pump
length 39mm : depth 24mm : height 23mm
60's style village garage. Brick effect walls with tile roofing. Large double garage doors on front elevation with name board above and small single petrol pump at left side of garage.

2.75 each

GEN09 - Timber Mill
length 55mm : depth 26mm : height 30mm
Timber planking effect walls with pantile roof.
Opposite elevation has double loading doors at first floor level in open position.

2.75 each

GEN10 - Stone Water Mill
length 48mm : depth 42mm : height 35mm

6mm Stone Water Mill

Stone effect walls with pantile roof, external brick chimney and loose water wheel.

Opposite elevation has double loading doors at first floor level.

3.25 each

GEN11 - Tudor Style Public House
length 41mm : depth 24mm : height 34mm
Plain walls with Tudor style panelling. Has pantile style roofing and brick effect chimney. Front elevation features name board over door and a small 'notice board' either side front door.

3.00 each

GEN12 - Sea-level Lighthouse
base diameter 24mm : overall height 70mm
Plain render effect cladding suitable for use on a sea-shore or small rock mounting. Steps lead up to door.

light dome will be supplied loose.

3.00 each

GEN13 - Cliff-top Lighthouse
length 47mm : depth 27mm : diameter of lighthouse 23mm - overall height 55mm
Lighthouse with render effect cladding. Suitable for cliff top or hillside mounting. Attached accommodation block has render effect walls with tiled roofing and brick chimney.

3.00 each

GEN14 -  Large Hotel
length 90mm : width 34mm : height 36mm
A large building of brick effect cladding and tiled or slate effect roofing. Front features steps leading to double doors.

3.50 each

GEN15 - Smock Mill
diameter 30mm : height 50mm (not including sails)

6mm Smock Mill

Timber 'Smock' style mill. Base is plain concrete finish with timber entrance door, timber effect handrail and horizontal timber cladding to main body and timber effect dome.

Will be supplied in four pieces for self assembly.

4.00 each

GEN16 - Rorke's Drift
Base size 210mm x 297mm
GEN16 - 6mm Rorke's Drift
The iconic Rorke's Drift in 6mm - set includes two buildings, cookhouse and ovens, redoubt, mealie bag & biscuit box walls and formal kraal walls. When completed will fit on an A4 base.

16.00 set

GEN17 - Two Storey Warehouse
length 58mm : width 25mm : height 28mm
A two storey timber warehouse with large sliding door in open position. Inspired by a customer conversion of one of my models.

3.25 each

GEN18 - Spanish Windmill
diameter 20mm : height 41mm not including sails
Typical Spanish brick clad mill with lightly distressed render and plank roofing.

3.50 each

GEN19 - Dutch Windmill
diameter 25mm : height 47mm not including sails
Dutch style windmill with timber clad lower unit, main body is of rough thatch style cladding as is the top dome.

3.50 each

GEN21 - The Push
length 60mm : depth 46mm : height 33mm
A corner public house, brick and render cladding with tile roofing. The rear features a small back yard and extension.

4.25 each



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